Grammys 2016 Recap

Did anyone else find the Grammys to be a little boring this year? The best part was the first hour when Taylor Swift opened in a hot black jumpsuit singing Out of the Woods, and Carrie Underwood and Sam Hunt singing my favorite song of the moment Heartbeat and after I saw those two I would’ve been content with turning off the tv. Okay maybe not because then I wouldn’t have been able to hear Adele belt All I Ask making all of our jaws drop. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Before the Grammys even started there was some amazing fashion on the red carpet starting with my favorite look of course Taylor Swift. Yes I might be a tad biased bc I am obsessed with her but you have to admit she did look stunning. 

And it was even better that her date was Selena Gomez which makes them the ultimate #bffgoals. 

Another singer who looked flawless was Carrie Underwood. She played it safe in black but she definitely stood out with the sweetheart neck and high slit. Along with her perfect performance this star had a great night. 

Ellie Goulding wore my absolute favorite color this season and I really hope this stays on trend for a while because I will never get sick of it. The pale pink is a great color on her and gives a sweet soft look. It is far from boring with the beautiful beaded back. 

Adele is HOT right now with her new haircut and her weight loss but I must say that she didn’t stand out too much to me this Grammys. I mean of course she looked beautiful as usual but I’d like to see her in a different style and color because I feel like she always wear something like this. But she did give a jaw dropping performance so can’t complain too much. 

Another star that didn’t wow me was Demi  Lovato. I have never been in love with her outfit choices and I must admit this one did photograph better than it looked live but still was not my favorite.  I do think the long necklace was a great choice with the low cut blazer which made the classic look more edgy. 

Now on to my favorite guy in the game. Sam Hunt looked great in the pink suit and was definitely a different and daring choice. We thought it made him look a little washed out but he’s so adorable it didn’t really make the difference. Him and Carrie underwood were honestly probably the most beautiful people there (or even on earth) and I couldn’t take my eyes from the screen while they were performing. Definitely the highlight of the show. 

My second favorite male is obviously Justin Bieber who had by far the cutest date of the night being his little brother. He looked very handsome although I am not loving the facial hair. His performance was also really great with a different version of Where are you Now and Love Yourself. I know those songs are super overplayed but they will never get old for me. He even rocked the cheetah outfit he wore on stage, which yes was a little different but Justin’s always been about standing out. 

A final performance that should be mentioned because their talent was so apparent last night was Tori Kelley and James Bay. They are both new artists who did an acoustic version of Let it Go by James Bay and Hollow by Tori and it was really great. They are both two underrated stars that deserve way more credit. 

 Watch their performance here!

Those were my highlights of the show and I must say best dressed has to go to Taylor Swift and not going to lie already have googled similar outfits because I love it so much. 


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