Why Quantico is the BEST new TV show of 2016

Do you ever get that empty feeling inside after you binge-watch a really good TV show? You miss the characters and their crazy drama and you really feel like doing nothing else until the next season starts. Well that is how I am currently feeling with ABC’s newest drama Quantico. I was sick with the flu over the weekend so what better time to watch the whole first season of this show I’ve heard so many great reviews about. Now that I finished it in less than 48 hours I cannot wait until March 6th when the next season kicks off. You do have a solid two weeks to watch the first season and if I could do it in 2 days then you have plenty of time. Here is why you should give Quantico a chance:

Well if you’re into shows like Law & Order or Scandal this show is for you. There is a lot of action and drama to keep you on your toes but fortunately for you it isn’t as confusing as Scandal! There is also a lot of romance as well so if thats your preferred genre this show also is for you. The power couple in the season Alex and Ryan are of course on and off dealing with lots of drama and the season ends with a cliffhanger but I am routing for them all the way. As for action, not going to give away the plot but one of the recruits from Quantico is framed for a terrorist attack on Grand Central Station and it is a mystery to figure out who did it.

The characters are HOT. I don’t think there is one character in the show that isn’t good looking. All of the male recruits are great to look at and even every single female is beautiful too.


Every episode leaves you in a cliffhanger, this is why it is so easy to bingewatch. I would always say I am just going to watch one episode today and then the episode would leave you with so many questions that you would have to watch the next one… and the next one… and the next one until the finale.


If I haven’t convinced you yet, this might entice you even more. ALL of the episodes are on abc.go.com so you do not have to buy or wait for any episodes! I have a feeling they might start eliminating them when the new season starts so I suggest starting the season as soon as possible! Take this weekend off and get cozy on the couch with your snack of choice (obv oreos and milk) and watch Quantico!


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