Oscars Recap

So unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch the Oscars last night because I had a sorority event but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t constantly refreshing my Insta and Twitter feeds to see the dresses on the red carpet… and besides does anyone really watch the show for the actual awards anyways? Seeing it from my phone instead of live didn’t live up to the Oscar hype I usually feel while watching so it was hard to critique the best dressed. But what I did see these are my favorite looks:

Lets start with J. Law… When I first saw this I was like ew not a fan. She usually looks amazing and really picks the nicest dresses so I was very surprised to see this look. But now that I have looked at it a few times it’s really grown on me. I mean her hair looks perfect and simple I love the blonde and the color of the dress really looks good on her. I also like how it is fitted enough to show off her body but then poofs out. I am not a fan of her makeup though, I think it washes her out a little and she maybe could’ve done a pop of red with a red lipstick. But overall, good pick Jen.

JL 2

Next up we have Cate Blanchett. She looked beautiful. I am completely in love with this dress it is so different than anything that’s been on the red carpet before. It fits her perfectly showing off her slim figure and I love the low neckline. If you look at the dress it was so perfectly designed too and her hair and accessories are on point. Definitely a best dressed nominee.

Next is Olivia Wilde and when I first saw an instagram of her it was just the back and I was in love. I loved her hair, the pleats and the back of the dress and then when she turned around I loved it even more because of the choker necklace and the neckline of the dress. The neckline is a little revealing but it isn’t that bad. I think her makeup and accessories are perfect but I think there is something missing about the dress. I don’t love how it fits I don’t think it is that flattering from the waist down and the only good part is the back. But Olivia does look stunning as always so great pick.

The main star Priyanka from Quantico looked perfect in this white strapless gown. It is so flattering on her curves and couldn’t fit more perfect. She’s rocking the red lip and I love how her hair is in a simple pony showing off her stunning makeup. This dress is a great color on her darker skin too.

PO 1

Another star that continues to amaze us is Rachel McAdams. She is wearing one of my favorite colors emerald green along with my favorite neckline. This look is perfect for someone petite because it is so flattering. I am loving the light green eyeliner to match the dress and make her eyes pop and it looks even better with her hair up.

Someone else who I don’t think has ever not looked good on the red carpet is Kerry Washington. She is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood and I don’t think has ever had a fashion disaster and I think the main reason is because everything looks so good on her body. Like I don’t love this dress and I think it would look terrible on anyone else but she rocks it and it fits her so nicely. Honestly if I could switch bodies with anyone it might have to be her… and she had a baby!! Also not a huge fan of her hair up but it does draw attention to her perfect makeup so it wasn’t a bad decision.

My last best dressed star for the night was Rooney Mara. I thought this gown was so different than anything else on the red carpet and really fits her personal style. Her pale skin looks perfect with the bold red lip. Also the color of the dress I would think would usually wash someone who is pale out but it does the opposite for Rooney. I also love the cutout in the middle, it makes the classic look very trendy.


I hate talking about males on the runway because honestly all tuxedos look the same but I have to give Michael Jordan a mention because of how good looking he is. He is such a cutie and I fell in love with him in Parenthood and really need to see his new movie Creed. He is deff a bae.


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