Is Abercrombie cool again?

I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but recently Abercrombie clothes have gotten SO freakin’ cute. I noticed this last summer when I bought a dress and a romper that you couldn’t even tell was Abercrombie and when I told people it was A&F they were shocked! After this experience I decided A&F was on the radar again. Despite their high prices, I was totally into their new designs.

The  reason they are becoming cool again is because they have “un-moosed”their clothes. If you go into their store or online you will not see any tops that say “Abercrombie” across the tee or the big moose (thank god). They were slowly on the decline and realized they needed to do something to keep their clientele and I must say this idea was brilliant because now I am more inclined to buy their items because it doesn’t have the moose that I used to pride on in middle school. They have also changed their brand image because they realized that this was the reason people stopped shopping there. They wanted their brand to be the “cool kid in school” and wanted to be worn only by the elite or popular kids in class and at first this boomed but in the long run deeply hurt their brand.

Also briefly looking at the mens clothes and the feature about Abercrombie’s unmoosed apparel for men in GQ I must say their clothes (& models) are lookin pretty good. The favorite cargo pants or shorts no longer have the moose on it making their target customer not just high school kids. There are also a lot of really nice jackets and sweaters that I could see a 20 or 30 year old wearing and would never think it was A&F.

Abercrombie also has some good sales. It no longer is the brand that I can’t really afford but they have a lot of good flash sales making their new dresses 30% off and their clearance an extra percentage off as well. I remember A&F not having good items in their clearance section but online they have a great deal of things I’d consider purchasing. I’m in love with a lot of their new summer dresses and I remember sending my mom a link and her being surprised that I was shopping at Abercrombie again… she agreed after looking that they did a 360.

The striped dress and the skater shift dress in gold are both only 29 dollars! I’d say thats a steal def on my wish list and the red jumpsuit is adorable and doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen at A&F before.


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