5 Spring Trends I Want to Wear RN.

Okay despite the snow fall last night it was getting warmer out which made me want to break out all of my cute spring dresses and wear pastel jeans and floral rompers but I think I might have to unfortunately wait another week or 3 for it to get nicer out again. Just when I thought it was starting to look like Spring it snows and drops to 20 degrees! But trying to forget about the temperature out I’ve been spending some time online shopping and I’m lovin some of the new trends I’ve seen for the spring. These are my top 5:

#5. Off the shoulder tops- just when I was thinking about giving my off the shoulder top to GoodWill because I never really wear that style anymore, it comes back! They are so cute and simple and instantly make an outfit look more trendy. I’ve been searching the web for a white one or a baby blue one which would look great on the beach. This ones from Abercrombie and on sale for 23 dollars!

#4: I feel like the trend of dresses with sneakers has been a hit for a few seasons now but since sneakers have gotten so popular this Fall I think this trend is going to be an even bigger hit this Spring. Especially with the Adidas superstar’s or New Balance they instantly make a dress more everyday wear and casual. This trend I am definitely going to wear on the first day it is really nice out.

#3: The distressed oversized jean jacket is next and this is a great trend because if you have any old jean jackets from like the 80’s or 90’s it is time to bring them back out. I actually found one in my moms closet over spring break that she said was almost 20 years old but its so cute because it has the worn look and is oversized. This is perfect for when there is a breeze and you just need a light jacket. My friend also has a black oversized jean jacket thats so cute and different from the normal denim color. This is a great look to dress down a dress or romper or just wear with leggings or dark jeans.

#2: Two piece sets are what I am currently obsessed with and they are even greater when you can find a pattern that you can wear with a bunch of other things too so you can get the most wear out of them. Lulu’s is probably where I find the cutest two piece sets and I must say they are very hard to find but are starting to get more popular. I definitely want to find the perfect one for this spring.


I want this one so bad and I am patiently waiting for it to go on sale. Lulu’s $72

#1: Boyfriend jeans will never go out of style which is why I own like 5 pairs and also because they are comfortable and cute. One trend that I love seeing right now is dressing up the boyfriend ripped jeans with an oxford shirt or pointy flats. It makes the holey jeans look less grungey and makes you look put together. So instead of wearing your baggy jeans when you are running out to do errands you can wear them to class or out to lunch by dressing them up a bit.



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