iheartradio music awards recap

Last night was the iheartradio music awards and usually this award show isn’t my favorite but last night it kept my attention… Possibly bc Taylor Swift owned the night, per usual. She won best female artist of the year, best tour and best album of the year… The three biggest nominations. Not to mention she looked HOT in her skin tight jumpsuit. She never dissapoints me with her outfit choices and last night she owned the red carpet. And when did she get such a nice butt?! Like how does she have time to do squats idk.  


I would say the following best dressed, someone I would not normally ever think of but the Miss Zendaya. To be honest I couldn’t even tell you much about her but she looked adorable last night. She rocked this two piece suit and the bralette underneath did not look slutty at all. Def my favorite look from her this award season. I have to note her haircut is just as adorable.  

Another star that looked great last night was Julianne Hough. I have a severe girl crush on her because of how talented she is from dancing to acting and I always get my hair inspiration from her because she always has the cutest cuts. This dress is different and she can really pull white off not everyone can. The simple jewelry and updo was a good decision also since the high neckline. Absolutely love the shoes too. 

Next up is Iggy and although her outfit was kind of strange she looked stunning. She is someone who has really natural beauty and looks great in whatever because of her tall slender body. She likes to stand out and make a statement so I think this outfit worked really well for her. She also did a great job closing the show. 


Okay a look I was not a fan of but she did get good reviews by E! And she is one of my favorite singers at the moment was Selena Gomez. I first saw this look on Twitter and when I saw it I thought it was from 2008 because of the style of the jumpsuit and even her makeup made her look 10 years younger. The look Selena has been going for recently is sexy and this is not sexy. She looks adorable but in a little kid way.  But lovin the layered chokers. 


Another look that was just okay was Demi Lovato. Why has she been wearing suits to so many award shows this season?! You’re 23 years old… Embrace it and wear something sexy or stylish not something that makes you look 28 and going for a business interview. The pants are also way too long.  Her performance was jaw dropping though. 

One thing I have to say is what the heck is Justin Bieber doing with his hair?! Why does he have dreads and also why was he wearing a Rangers jersey last night? Also his outfit during his performance was heinous and looked so heavy so idk how he danced in it but he continued to blow the crowd away. And not gonna lie he still looked hot last night even though I’m not a fan of his outfit and hair choice. 

  A final impressive performance was Justin Derulo. I think he is so underrated! His performance was phenomenal because not only does he have amazing vocals but he can really dance. Also the lyrics of his songs aren’t trashy like most rappers but they actually have meaning. Def a fan of him.  




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