Welcome to New York

I am not only excited to be blogging again but I am also very excited to have something exciting to be blogging about…I am officially moved into New York City! My parents and I panicked on the car ride here that it would not be an easy move to the city since it is so hard to find a parking spot and the loads of traffic but it was surprisingly smoother than a move at Marist! I was also shocked to see how nice my suite is… We have a kitchen that includes a stove, microwave, and refrigerator and lots of cabinet space then we have a dining area with a big table and a full bathroom in the common room. In my room it is the size of a triple but for only two of us (score!) so it is pretty spacious and there’s an extra bed for whenever our friends want to visit which is pretty great. We also have a full bathroom in our bedroom too which I would also say is pretty lucky.

BUT the best part of my dorm is the location. I am right in Chelsea and a 2 minute walk from the high line! My parents and I walked it after taking a break from moving in and it was such a nice walk so I can tell this will become one of my hangout spots. There is also so much to do in Chelsea from bars and restaurants to shopping… my two favorite things so I do not think I will get bored. My parents and I stopped for a bite to eat at the The Cookshop which apparently is “the place to be” according to the two girls sitting next to us and it became apparent after the wait was about an hour long… but so worth it. Their brunch and drinks were so good and it makes me want to try all the other fun restaurants we passed!

After today I have a really good feeling I am going to love it here because of the fast paced environment and just how much there is to do here. It is going to be a quick 8 weeks but I am going to embrace every minute. I start work on Monday eeek! but I am really excited and will definitely blog after the first couple of days so check back.




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