Pumpkin Walk

My sorority Sigma Sigma Sigma every year at Halloween have our annual philanthropy event at the Children’s Home in Poughkeepsie. We work with the home to make a trail in the woods where we place carved pumpkins, lanterns, glow sticks and Halloween creatures around the woods to give them a fun and spooky walk. In addition to  the walk we also decorate their gym with Halloween artwork and games that the children can play.


The children all attend in costumes and they are all various ages so it’s so cute! The children that come to the event either live at the home full time or it is also open to the Poughkeepsie town so parents also bring their children.We also have a bake sale where all the proceeds go to the Children’s home.


This is a way for our sorority to give back to the community and be exposed to what the town our college is in is like. All of the money that we raise during this event goes to the Poughkeepsie Children’s home and they are so appreciative. This experience is so eye opening because us college students are so wrapped up in school and extracurricular activities that we forget that some children aren’t as fortunate as we were.

Last year this event inspired me so much that I applied for an immersion trip through my sorority and once I was accepted I flew to West Virginia to help children in need. I worked at a daycare for a week where we helped build a swimming pool and playground for the children and also helped watch the children during the day. This was such an amazing experience because I was able to see how much my contribution to this daycare really impacted the children. It was actually so hard to leave the kids that I spent so much time with for a week because they really became attached to us.

After the various community service events my sorority and I participate in as well as the immersion trip I went on it helped me realize how important service is and I know that it will always be a part of my life. Currently while looking for a job I look at their community service programs and make sure they also align with my future goals.




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